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“Property Wrongs” Roundtable

In perhaps the most overlooked (unofficial) "hearing" of the 112th Congress, Senator Paul brought ordinary Americans to Washington to share their stories of regulatory abuse at the hand of Washington's out-of-control regulatory regime.  Below is Senator Paul's opening statement, then links to the various witnesses' testimony. Gibson Guitars CEO Henry Juszkiewicz Mike and Chantell Sackett […]

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Unwarranted GPS Surveillance

To obtain a warrant, or not to obtain a warrant for GPS surveillance? That is the question the Supreme Court will hear arguments on this Tuesday, as federal officials seek unfettered use of geo-location tracking technology. Wired writes: The question before the justices asks: May the police secretly install a Global Positioning System device on a vehicle […]

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Liberty NewsWire – November 7, 2011

Euro zone governments rushed to placate feverish bond markets on Monday as the 17-nation currency bloc's debt crisis threatened to accelerate out of control. – Reuters European Governments Work to Avoid Deepening Crisis – Reuters Occupy DC Turns Violent at Protest of Americans for Prosperity Event – Daily Caller McDonald's Chief: Curb Spending and Cut […]

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Save the Internet!

The Senate's PROTECT IP Act and its House companion legislation, SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), threaten to undermine the freedom we all enjoy on the Net. The Chamber of Commerce and major music and movie industry partners are all lobbying Congress intensely for passage of these bills to give prosecutors and judges authority to shut […]

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Liberty NewsWire – November 4, 2011

ST. PAUL — A federal judge Thursday tossed out former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura’s lawsuit that argued body searches at airports violated his right against unreasonable and unwarranted searches. – St. Cloud Times Ventura TSA Suit Tossed – St. Cloud Times Denver Collects Fines, Even If You Stop at Light – CBS Denver Unemployment at […]

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