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Three Takeaway Lessons from the GAO Audit of the Federal Reserve

From Project on Government Oversight (a coalition parter of Campaign for Liberty on Audit the Fed) Fed Oversight Lesson 1: There are still limits to the GAO’s audit authority The GAO’s audit of the Federal Reserve, which was published in July 2011, was a one-time deal. It was authorized for a specific purpose, which was to examine emergency […]

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Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Fights FDA

Keeping with this weeks theme highlighting Washington's burdensome regulatory regime, this instance is one where the FDA could end up inhibiting medical research progress by establishing roadblocks to outpatient clinical trials of an artificial pancreas for people with type 1 diabetes.   On December 1, the FDA will issue crucial guidelines to the clinical trial […]

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FYI: Senator Paul to introduce jobs bill

At 2pm this afternoon, Senator Paul will introduce his alternative to the President's job proposal, called the Jobs through Growth Act.   This bill promotes economic growth by reforming the tax code, cutting spending, and reining in overregulation to foster an environment to allow the private sector to grow, invest, and create American jobs.   Stay […]

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Senator Paul’s “Property Wrongs” Roundtable

As Senator Paul mentioned he would at LPAC, today he held an "unofficial hearing" on ordinary Americans who've had their lives turned upside down and property rights violated at the hands of an ever-encroaching federal regulatory regime. The following is from Senator Paul's press office: WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sen. Rand Paul today hosted a roundtable […]

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Audit the Fed: Don’t Forget!

As we continue our efforts to secure a full and thorough audit of the Federal Reserve, it's important to keep in mind what we learned through the partial audit over the summer. Institutions with the Largest Total Transaction Amounts (Not Term-Adjusted) across Broad Based Emergency Programs with the Federal Reserve from December 01, 2007 to […]

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