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3 Myths about Capitalism

Everyone has heard these myths before, "Being pro-capitalism means being pro-big business", "Capitalism creates income inequality", and my personal favorite "Capitalism caused the financial crisis." Harvard Professor Jeffrey Miron takes a few minutes to give thoughtful rebuttals to these arguments.

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Are You Feeling Safer?

This morning I was flying back to Virginia from Florida after speaking at the Orlando C4L conference.  In front of me in the security line was a middle aged woman who was speaking Spanish with the seated TSA officer who is supposed to match boarding cards with the information on a state issued ID card.  […]

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What John McCain Really Thought of Moammar Khadafy

You've got to hand it to John McCain, the Senator who hasn't found a war to oppose in nearly 30 years.  He was thumping the war drums in Libya and complains that President Obama wasn't nearly enthusiastic enough about killing foreigners. But what was Sen. McCain doing two years ago?  Visiting Moammar Khadafy, discussing giving […]

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Liberty NewsWire – August 22, 2011

"The Federal Reserve lent Wall St. firms a staggering $1.2 trillion in a previously unrevealed bank bailout that dwarfs the size of TARP, reports Bloomberg News." – Politico Wall St. Aristocracy Got 1.2 Trillion from Fed – Bloomberg Report: Fed Lent Wall St. 1.2 Trillion More – Politico Fed Lent 1.2 Trillion to Banks During Financial […]

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Thoughts on Libya

Muammar Qaddafi's regime is crumbling.  Reports coming out of Libya are that Qaddafi's son has been captured, the "rebels" control 95% of Tripoli, and Qaddafi is nowhere to be found. Libyans are taking to the streets celebrating, while in some parts the fighting is clearly still ongoing.   We wish the Libyan people well in […]

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