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Rove’s Cronies Lobby for the National Internet Tax Mandate

One of the proponents of the Internet Tax Mandate is a group called “Americans for Job Security.” Americans for Job Security is located in Suite 55, Canal Street, Alexandria, VA, space they share with a number of media and political consulting firms, such as the Black Rock Group, Crossroads Media, WWP Strategies, and Target Point […]

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More States Pursuing Hard Money

By: David Heacock A couple weeks ago, we saw Texas propose an initiative to move their gold from the Federal Reserve in New York City to a newly founded state bullion depository. Consideration of such a policy shows that the actions of the Fed have caused some legislatures to work to gain independence from the […]

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C4L Responds to RNC Attacks on Grassroots Conservatives

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia- Today, Campaign for Liberty President John Tate, responded to attacks from RNC Chief of Staff Mike Shields,who has stated his desire to remove what he deemed the “professional right” from the Republican Party: “While Reince Priebus gives lip service to the grassroots, libertarians and conservatives, he hires a chief of staff who has […]

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Beware of “benign” gun control legislation

By John Watts Don’t allow the punditry to fool you – serious gun control efforts have not lost momentum. Legislative efforts to restrict Americans from possessing firearms are not dead by any stretch of the imagination. Predictably, a few senate Republicans have bowed to the conventional narrative that something needs to be done about gun […]

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C4L Calls on Virginia Legislature to Reject Transportation Bill

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia- Today, Campaign for Liberty President John Tate, urged the Virginia State Legislature to reject Governor Bob McDonnell’s amended Transportation Bill (H.B. 2313): “Last week, instead of responding to overwhelming outrage from liberty-minded Virginians, Governor Bob “Tax Hike” McDonnell chose to tinker with the Transportation Tax Hike bill rather than abandon his plan to […]

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