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Liberty NewsWire: Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

The Espionage Act, enacted back in 1917 to punish those who gave aid to our enemies, was used three times in all the prior administrations to bring cases against government officials accused of providing classified information to the media. It has been used six times since the current president took office." – David Carr, for […]

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LPAC 2011 – Wish you were there!

I wanted to be the first to share with you what a great time Campaign for Liberty had at the first annual Liberty Political Action Conference in Reno, Nevada!  C4L members and like-minded liberty activists from across the country converged on Reno, Nevada for three days of speeches, training, and networking with their fellow patriots.  […]

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UPDATED: Tell VA Senate to Vote YES on HB 1160!

Any point after 12pm, the Virginia Senate could take up HB 1160 for a vote. This bill is meant to address the indefinite detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The bill, which Governor Bob McDonnell is opposed to, "will prevent the use of any Virginia agency or member of the Virginia National […]

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It Was Time To Leave About Ten Years Ago

The news media today are reporting how seven US servicemen who were advising Afghan security forces were wounded in a grenade attack carried out by one of their students.  That is on top of two US Army officers murdered while advising an Afghan government ministry three days ago.  If anything underlines the absolute futility of the […]

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Liberty NewsWire: February 27, 2012

During a trip to Paducah Tuesday, Sen. Rand Paul traded his political hat for scrubs and a surgical mask and teamed with two local doctors to perform free eye surgeries.  “One thing I’ve missed since I’ve been elected is getting to practice as much as I’d like to,” Paul said. Paul joined Dr. Barbara Bowers, […]

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