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“Economics On One Foot”

Have you ever had trouble getting your friends or family to pay attention long enough for you to explain the most fundamental principles of sound economics?  Or likewise, have you ever struggled to explain sound economics to your friends succinctly? Then this short video is for you. Professor Art Carden teems up with the folks […]

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LPAC 2011: Mike Lee

U.S. Senator Mike Lee (UT) speaks to the crowd at LPAC 2011:

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Liberty NewsWire – Sept. 28, 2011

Florida GOP to Move Up Presidential Primary, Defying National Party – NPR Supreme Court Asked to Review Challenge to Healthcare Reform Law – The Hill Federal Judges Set to Rules on Alabama Immigtation Law – CBS News Oil Slide on Growing U.S. Supply – CBS News Senate Set to Take Up China Currency Bill Next […]

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ObamaCare Back In the News

A new report is out from Kaiser Family Foundation showing that healthcare premiums increased by 9% during 2011, a report that flies in the face of the Obama Administration's claim that the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" would decrease premiums. The Senate Republican Policy Committee found that family premiums increased on average $2,213 under […]

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Senators Discuss Continuing Resolution

Last night, Senator Paul joined CNN host John King and Senator Mike Lee joined CNBC's Larry Kudlow to discuss the Senate passing a short-term continuing resolution. As Senator Paul points out to CNN, and a narrative that needs driven home, is that the Senate is not properly debating these spending bills as they ought to. […]

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