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Bernanke on Cuts

Bernanke Warns Congress Not to Cut Too Much Now – USA Today "His warning to Congress not to pursue deep spending cuts in the short run comes at a time of sharp disagreement within the Fed and Congress about how to invigorate the economy." U.S. Senator Mike Lee questions Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke regarding […]

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Audit the Fed!

Congressman Ron Paul's House Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology Subcommittee held a hearing this morning on the need to Audit the Fed.  Stay tuned to C4L for more on this critical hearing and our plans to make sure millions of Americans hear about it and take action to Audit the Fed!

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Occupational Therapy for Wall Street Demonstrators

You've probably caught wind of the "Occupy Wall St." demonstrations that have taken root in major cities across the country.  Seemingly the latest trend in coffee-shop activism, the protests have hit a nerve in the nation's collective self-conscious by targeting systematized financial disparity.   The 99%, as they call themselves, are a loose conglomeration of […]

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Why Elizabeth Warren and “Progressives” are Wrong on Property Rights

If you only read one article on economics today, make it Robert Murphy's post debunking Elizabeth Warren's claim that the rich owe a share of their income to the community. [To be clear, this post is a critique of the philosophy Warren is espousing, Campaign for Liberty does not take a position on candidates running […]

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“Most Transparent Administration in History”!

Except when it's not. Barack Obama "promised" the "most transparent administration in history."  In addition to opposing Audit the Fed in 2010, and claiming "states secrets" privilege against Anwar al-Awlaki's father when he tried to appeal his sons inclusion on the President's "hit list," this latest one is a doosie… Take a second to watch […]

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