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Senators Discuss Continuing Resolution

Last night, Senator Paul joined CNN host John King and Senator Mike Lee joined CNBC's Larry Kudlow to discuss the Senate passing a short-term continuing resolution. As Senator Paul points out to CNN, and a narrative that needs driven home, is that the Senate is not properly debating these spending bills as they ought to. […]

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LPAC 2011: Rand Paul

U.S. Senator Rand Paul (KY) speaks to the crowd at LPAC 2011.

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Liberty NewsWire – Sept. 27, 2011

"The Senate passed a measure, 79-12, that would fund the government through Nov. 18 and includes $2.6 billion for Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster relief for fiscal 2012. The Senate separately passed a short-term CR through Oct. 4 by voice vote to give the House time to consider the longer bill." – Roll Call Senate […]

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Robo-Death Made in the USA

The media report that the United States government is working to develop pilotless military drones that are fully automatic, identifying and destroying human targets on the ground without any intervention from an operator or pilot back in Nevada, is generating virtually no public outrage.  That a computer brain can become judge, jury, and executioner in the […]

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Bombing for Jobs

The military-industrial complex is desperate:  "defense" outlays might actually get cut.  The Horror!  Imagine if, after real, inflation-adjusted military expenditures doubled over the last decade, they dropped a tiny bit.  The world would end!  The commies would revive and take over the world!  The IslamoFascists would turn America into an Ottoman province!  The Chinese would conquer […]

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