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Senator Paul at Cato University 2011

This Summer, Senator Paul spoke at the Cato University on topics ranging from healthcare, to the debt ceiling, to social security reform vs. privatization.  Take a look at this great speech!

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Lysander Spooner’s Revenge

The U.S. Postal Service is broke. I know, I know, this isn't news. In the age of the internet, it seems the only thing keeping the USPS in operation is Netflix, direct mail fundraising, and bills (even though online bill paying is becoming popular at a rapid pace). Without a way to close a $5.5 […]

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Jerry Doyle at LPAC 2011!

Campaign for Liberty is pleased to announce that talk radio host, conservative political commentator, and actor Jerry Doyle will be attending the Liberty Political Action Conference in Reno, NV! Jerry is currently scheduled to speak at 8:05PM Thursday, Sept. 15.  Don't miss out, order your ticket to LPAC 2011 today! The Jerry Doyle Show continues to […]

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Liberty NewsWire – September 2, 2011

"Obama ordered the Environtment Protection Agency Friday to shelve proposed regulations for new air-quality standards, citing the potential impact on the weak economy." – The Washington Times Obama Halts EPA's Proposed Air-Quality Regs – The Washington Times U.S. to Sue Big Banks Over Mortgages – CBS News Undocumented Workers Got Billions from IRS in Tax […]

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Staying in Iraq–For What?

The Obama administration wants to keep troops in Iraq.  Never mind that pre-President Barack Obama criticized the war.  Never mind that Uncle Sam's annual budget deficits exceed $1 trillion.  Never mind that Washington faces more than $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities.  If President Obama has his way, the U.S. may never leave. It's worth remembering […]

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