AR-15 Giveaway!

Campaign for Liberty is giving away a brand new Colt LE6920MP-B AR-15 equipped with a red dot sight....

... CUSTOM ENGRAVED with Ron Paul's Signature & Campaign for Liberty's logo!

The AR-15 will also come with Magpul stock, pistol grip, handguard, and vertical grip and back-up sight.

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Afghanistan as the Hotel California

Apparently the Obama administration views Afghanistan as a bit like the Eagles' famed Hotel California.  We can check out but never leave. Reported the New York Times: The senior American commander in Afghanistan suggested Tuesday that American forces could remain in the country beyond 2014 despite President Obama’s pledge to withdraw them by then. The […]

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Liberty NewsWire – December 20, 2011

The Transportation Security Administration isn't just in airports anymore. TSA teams are increasingly conducting searches and screenings at train stations, subways, ferry terminals and other mass transit locations around the country. – Los Angeles Times TSA Screenings Moving Beyond Airports – Los Angeles Times House Votes Down Senate Payroll Tax Cut – The Hill Is […]

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UPDATE: House Judiciary, SOPA

Tomorrow morning, the House Judiciary Committee plan to continue their markup of H.R. 3261, the "Stop Online Piracy Act" or SOPA. SOPA threatens the very existence of the internet we know today.  If it passed, not only would it be the end of so-called 'piracy,' it would shut down any site that links to the […]

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The Death of Privacy

My wife recently applied for a job on line with a major US corporation.  Within minutes, she received an email asking her to confirm that she was associated with another individual who works for the company, a close friend of our daughter.  The HR department had apparently automatically screened Facebook and other social networking sites […]

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Liberty NewsWire: December 19, 2011

CBS News correspondent Celia Hatton reports news of Kim's death was met with a flood of televised emotion in North Korea, as state TV showed orderly columns of state officials weeping dramatically, and ordinary North Koreans beside themselves in apparent grief on the streets of Pyongyang. In South Korea, however, like much of the rest […]

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