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Liberty NewsWire – December 14, 2011

"The protester" has been named Time's Person of the Year. – The Huffington Post Time Names "The Protester" as Person of the Year – The Huffington Post NTSB Wants All States to Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving – USA Today U.S. Seeks More Advisory Role in Afghanistan – Los Angeles Times Broward County, FL, […]

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UPDATED: Senators Paul & Lee Support a Strong BBA

On Wednesday, the Senate will vote on two balanced budget amendment's to the Constitution.  One, is S.J.Res. 10, a solid BBA that all 47 Republicans are supporting, and S.J.Res. 24, a compromise proposal which never actually requires a balanced budget. Senator Paul spoke on the floor today urging members to support a strong BBA to […]

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NDAA Update

The Conference Committee dropped their report on the National Defense Authorization Act late last night.   In case you didn't already see this coming, the detainee provisions are still intact from the Senate version, though the infringing Section numbers have changed to 1021 & 1022 (formerly Secs. 1031 & 1032).   The only real modifications made […]

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UPDATED: What happened with the NDAA?

Here at C4L, we've been getting a wide range of questions from our members about what happened in the Senate during the fight over S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and what the current status of the bill is. Legislative battles are often fast-paced fights where details are changing minute-to-minute.  Unfortunately, the internet […]

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Liberty NewsWire – December 12, 2011

San Franciscans passed a proposition in 2003 that requires the city to increase the minimum wage each year, using a formula tied to inflation and the cost of living. – Fox News San Francisco Tops $10 Minimum Wage – Fox News Bank Run Hits Latvia – Yahoo Canada Supreme Court Will Rule on Arizona Immigration […]

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