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John Tate Slams Internet Tax Mandate

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia - Today, Campaign for Liberty President John Tate released the following statement concerning S.743, the “Marketplace Fairness Act”: “Proponents of the Internet Tax Mandate want us to believe this legislation is all about ‘fairness.’ But there is nothing fair about corporate lobbyists using the strong arm of government to put their smaller competitors out […]

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Obama Should Spend More Time Golfing!

According to the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office, President Obama has spent twice as many hours golfing and on vacation as he has spent on the economy. Considering the damaging effects of the President’s economic policies (Obamacare, stimulus, tax increases, bailouts, etc.) perhaps the economy would be better off if Obama played more golf–and asked Federal […]

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Ron Paul Statement on Internet Tax Mandate

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia – Today, Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul released the following statement concerning S.743, the “Marketplace Fairness Act.” “Calling something the Marketplace Fairness Act doesn’t make it fair any more than the Affordable Care Act makes health care affordable or the Patriot Act makes us more patriotic. This legislation would undermine the original […]

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Final Cloture on the Internet Tax Mandate

Earlier today, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rushed through the final cloture vote on the National Internet Tax Mandate. Cloture requires 60 votes to pass, and today’s barely succeeded – with only 63 senators.  Previous cloture votes in this fight have received the support of around 75 senators. The roll call is available below, and […]

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The Marketplace Fairness Act is Internet Revenge

By: David Heacock While many Americans are opposed to any new tax increases, slip them a proposal in the name of “fairness” and they’ll be quick to join your side. The so-called Marketplace Fairness Act is proving this to be the case, even in a time of economic sluggishness with a rising cost of living. […]

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